Off the Bike, A Man's Leather Jacket is just as Relevant

A quality leather jacket should be a staple in a man’s wardrobe.

A premium leather jacket is the foundation of moto culture. It keeps riders on point while hitting twisties and carving up back roads, but also offers the iconic rugged look synonymous with vintage Hollywood.

Off the bike though, it’s just as important to have a premium, and non-riding, leather jacket in the rotation. Ideally made somewhere in Italy, from lamb or sheepskin, and stitched together with serious care to create the ultimate euro-esque silhouette. And with all the different styles and material options from some of the world’s most elite brands, there is just no reason to sleep on copping one.

So with the ever-evolving mesh of casual and business wear, and a need to look super fresh during the daily hustle, the leather jacket is once again relevant, and likely much more than the Canali suit that typically stays on standby.

How can one deny a garment with street cred like this?

Be it a classic cafe racer, a cropped suede, a heavy duty bomber, or the epic and heritage-fueled Perfecto, a well-made leather jacket can become one of the most important elements in the rotation. And if done right, it’s the aficionado’s ultimate style weapon and a principle go-to during the cooler months.

And it’s a compelling garment. A distinct garment. One that can capture the aura of of a vintage Triumph, the rugged spirit of hitting the road to explore, or the rock and roll-infused desire to be original and unique. Pure substance and primo aesthetics. How can someone deny any garment with such street cred like this?

And pairing options? No need to reach for the sports jacket. Whether it’s to layer up a white tee, provide an accent to a crisp Italian button-up, or add some extra insulation, a primo leather jacket can handle it. It’s time to get away from just segmenting it in such a confined category and let it evolve into the versatile go-to garment it once was.

The flight jacket. Natural cowhide and a sheepskin collar. Serious contrast.

The flight jacket. Natural cowhide and a sheepskin collar. Serious contrast.

With the Perfecto, made famous by the legendary Mr. Brando, the cropped fit, lapels, wide collar, and signature cross body zipper are more than just a canvas for the next DIY punk show. If done right, and with some buttery soft lambskin leather, they create a garment ready to make a statement. Forget about the glossy runways in Milan and Paris. This leather jacket is meant for the streets and a glass of some premium small-batch cognac.

And the Cafe Racer, with similar design, but no collar and a straight zip, and less flashy, is the perfect balance. Be it a casual sit down with a business partner or a mid-afternoon picnic with a bottle of some gnarly Cabernet, this is a jacket that speaks the truth. Tough wearing cowhide and a slim fitting silhouette are the pre-requisites, as it’s important to remember that before the whole vintage renaissance, this was a jacket originally designed for shredding on two wheels.

And then there is the iconic and military spec-designed flight jacket. A fluffy sheepskin collar and a waxy natural cowhide offer the ideal contrast, creating a masculine silhouette put together from old-school aviation culture. This is a jacket with texture and body, and keeps one feeling warm and ready for a stroll through the snowy backwoods. Cropped at the hips and just enough puff, it’s the definition of sophisticated deep country ruggedness.

A flight jacket is the definition of sophisticated deep country ruggedness

Modern culture often dictates what’s an acceptable attire. If consumers stick with the philosophy of buying well-designed and high quality apparel, then nothing else really matters. With regards to the leather jacket, it was never brushed aside, it just happens that a new generation new to the scene are embracing it.

The type or style is just part of the journey. Getting to know the leather and where it was tanned. Or the workshop that put the jacket together. Or even the inspiration where the design was drawn from is the real fun in the journey. And keeping one in the rotation is an investment that will pay dividends for years.