The Casual Shirt Fuels Modern Business

A quality and well-made button up shirt defines modern office attire.

Menswear continues to evolve. And the classic button-up shirt has gone from workplace uniform to lifestyle staple. In our modern definition of business casual, it’s the ideal garment to help us push through the daily hustle, which is by no means bound to the “traditional” office setting.

Instead, it could be a few hours at our favorite cafe sipping on a cortado, staying focused through some 2 hour marketing meeting, or working the floor at an industry event showcasing our networking prowess. Not to mention throwing down a few pale ales and discussing how it all what went down afterwards.

This is serious movement. And in order to stay somewhat professional, even while cruising the city making moves, garment selection is key. And changing outfits throughout the day is not an option. Instead, it’s about rocking the right shirt that’s versatile enough to serve whatever business climate is on the horizon.

These shirts can hang right between the selvedge denim and moto jacket.

Ideally, it’s a shirt that offers vintage ruggedness, tailor-inspired construction, and functional design. However much big fashion tries to dictate modern trends and tastes, high quality menswear sticks with the basics. Beefed up with simplicity and premium ingredients. And none of that marketing fluff.

It’s a testament to how well-made and versatile garments run today’s menswear game. And most of our favorite brands, whether known for their artisanal denim or luxury t-shirts, have at some point ventured into the shirt making side of the business. They are designing collections that can fill booths at Pitti Uomo and stay in our wardrobe rotation for years.

Simple garments allow the details to shine.

Simple garments allow the details to shine.

Yes, the primo casual shirt can now fill the gap between the delicate suit shirt and whatever else would have been a dress down option for casual office days. And the secret seems to be to keep 4 or 5 in heavy rotation in order to maintain a zen-like presence in the wardrobe. They can hang right between the selvedge denim and moto jacket.

And what better way to start than with some flannel? It just sets the tone and there is no other brand to turn to than Iberian-repping Portuguese Flannel. With generations of textile making expertise and the energy of the Portuguese sun, this outfit is creating some of the dopest flannel collections currently in the game.

There’s one thing to make a premium menswear product, there’s another to know your roots and leverage that to create heritage-fueled timeless garments.

Ingredients like Merino wool and Pima cotton are what make Sunspel the ideal brand for luxury wardrobe staples.

For the warmer days, where rugged is still important, a soft cotton twill takes over. Small batch Japanese fabrics and corozo buttons equal Swedish outfit Indigofera. Inspired by 50’s moto culture, they are all about premium fabrics and in-house manufacturing to create classic hard wearing shirts. And as long as there are the iconic two-chest pockets, a shirt from this denim house will serve well.

And if the need arises for a more, let’s say, elegant garment, then we may look at UK-based Sunspel. Ingredients like Merino wool and Pima cotton are just some of the reasons they are so well-known for their luxury approach to wardrobe staples. Their casual shirts are about neat lines and very classic Euro designs, and can be tucked out and paired with one of their slim-fitting trousers. Ultimate class. Super soft fabrics. And maybe some asphalt carving in a vintage Aston Martin.

Yes, the menswear game has evolved and a primo shirt offers what we need to cover new grounds. Textured fabrics and chainstitching are just a metaphor for the creativity and grit it takes to succeed in our modern marketplace. Making moves is about being versatile and a good shirt should be the same. Just remember to fit in a cortado at some point during the day.


Aslan Moini