Motorcycles. Some Denim. & Pitti Uomo Style.

Motorcycle denim that looks like it should be in a Pitti Uomo booth.

Motorcycle denim should be an extension of our passion for two wheels. One that encompasses the thrill of hitting corners on a deep country road or modding our machines to get those extra few ounces of power. These are the pre-requisites for the ultimate ride, and the selvedge lines are a symbol of the rider who wants vintage elegance blended with modern tech.

With the evolution of cafe racers and bobbers, there is this whole transition from full-leather track day attire to vegetable tanned leather jackets and indigo-dyed selvedge denim. It’s not a cultural shift. It’s just a demand for gear that can actually serve our elevated non-riding occasions.


Motorcycle Gear for Shredding & Looking Fresh

Motorcycle Gear for Shredding & Looking Fresh

And denim has always been part of the riding scene. Nothing new. Back then it was all looks. Then the armor came to the scene and things got bulky. And finally there is a rise in high-end product lines that integrate top notch protection technology into premium denim construction.

Reinforced and armored motorcycle jeans that look good on or off the bike. No bulkiness or strange sitting positions. A slim fit and slightly tapered jean that’s cuffed and allows you to actually fit into an outdoor cafe seat without making a scene. In iconic indigo or faded black, of course.

Just as good off the bike. Slim fitting jeans that can nicely pair with a Sea Island Cotton henley shirt.

And whether from brands like Street & Steel, Dainese, Rokkertech, or REV’IT!, expect crisp batches of fabric, low profile protection, and a final product that pairs just as well with a Sea Island Cotton henley shirt.

So Street & Steel is more on the entry-level side of primo bike denim, but is still an impressive option for the rider who wants to look fresh while on their weekend ride out to the winery. Their Sunset Selvedge line is what we want in our riding gear. Cafe retro, slim-fit, and tapered. No interwoven armor lining within the fabric, but Removable C.E. armor in the knees. And it’s meant to be cuffed.

Crossing borders on two wheels requires some primo-quality motorcycle denim.

Crossing borders on two wheels requires some primo-quality motorcycle denim.

Euro brands typically understand the need for form fitting gear and REV’IT! is an ideal example. As a well-known brand representing The Netherlands, they have pretty much solidified their place in the vintage-inspired gear scene.

Their Lombard 2 jeans should be displayed at your local boutique, because after a few seasons of making denim, the REV’IT team seems to have gotten it right. Dark indigo. Raw. Waxed. Cordura denim with a Coolmax infusion shelled over a layer of PWR|shield.

And then there’s the RokkerTech line. From the Rokker Company. Who likely make one of those most premium moto jeans on the planet. Leave it to the Swiss to seamlessly blend every element into one fabric. No Dynatec layer under the denim.

The denim fabric is created by wrapping indigo cotton thread around the polyethylene core threads to create the ultimate single layer of comfort and protection against the asphalt. Get it in 14 oz raw denim or 14 oz pre-washed for that little added stretch. And you get a soft black t-shirt with a printed logo along with your jeans. All included in an exclusive canvas bag!

Get these in 14 oz raw or 14 oz washed denim for that added stretch.

So this is for the denim enthusiast who also shreds. Jeans that are created with premium materials in a European design-oriented approach. If something is meant to be worn hours after riding, then it needs to look fresh and keep the rider comfortable.

In the fashion world, Pitti Uomo is one of the biggest global trade shows for high-quality and designer menswear. It’s an experience. A platform for creativity. One that’s curated like a fine art gallery. And while there is definitely a lot of designer fluff from big name luxury brands, there are also many newer brands that strictly focus on creating well-made garments. And these riding jeans deserve a spot. It’s a new era for our gear. And it’s dipped in pure indigo.